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pizza that lasts for years

Pizza that lasts for years?

In Snack Food On December 20, 2014 0 Comments

In what might be one of the greatest inventions ever, the US military has invented a pizza that would last for years!  Soldiers have been asking for pizza… Read More »

Pizza Perfume

In Food News On February 8, 2014 0 Comments

For you pizza lovers out there, there’s now a pizza perfume on the market for you to bask in pizza glory all day long! Demeter’s new Pizza perfume… Read More »

The world’s best pizza box

In Food News On January 25, 2014 0 Comments

This is genius – there’s nothing worse than receiving a soggy pizza so this guy went out and created a pizza box that can breathe: A Mumbai businessman… Read More »

Panago Pizza Review - Vancouver

Panago Pizza Review

In Casual Food, Reviews On October 25, 2012 0 Comments

At one point in history, Panago was THE pizza for me to order, I find now however, it has consistently gone downhill in terms of quality.  I don’t… Read More »

Andreas Pizza

Andreas Restaurant Review

In Casual Food, Reviews On October 5, 2012 0 Comments

Andreas Restaurant is a North Vancouver landmark, there aren’t too many people that live on the North Shore that haven’t tried Andreas.  This review is going to be… Read More »

The Luau Flatbread – The Charles Bar

In Pub Food, Reviews On February 9, 2012 0 Comments

I made first visit to The Charles Bar last week for lunch with a couple friends.  I’ve always wondered what it’s like as I’ve driven and walked past… Read More »

Uncle Fatih’s Pizza Review

In Casual Food, Reviews On February 5, 2012 0 Comments

Pizza places are a dime a dozen these days but to this day, it’s hard to beat a good pizza when it comes to my favourite meal.  I… Read More »