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Make Coca-Cola at home!

In Food News, Liquid Food On February 22, 2014 0 Comments

Ever wished you could make your own pop/soda at home? well in the near future you’ll be able to make your own Coca Cola at home: The world’s… Read More »

DIY vodka to gin kit

Turn your cheap Vodka into Gin

In Food News, Liquid Food On February 14, 2014 0 Comments

I’m not too sure why anyone would do this (coming from a Vodka lover) but there’s a do-it-yourself kit that allows you to turn your cheap Vodka into… Read More »

make your own guacamole

Do it yourself Guacamole

In Food News, Snack Food On February 12, 2014 0 Comments

Who doesn’t love a good fresh Guacamole? it’s probably one of the easiest, freshest things to make. The folks at Food52 give us a breakdown on how to… Read More »