We all know that the NFL landscape is changing in terms of the demographics of its fans. There seems to be more and more female fans these days which means it’s essential to know what wine to pair with your beloved pigskin snacks. The folks at Serious Eats post some great tips on superbowl snacks and wine pairings:

When I say Super Bowl, you think—what? Buffalo wings and pizza, nachos and chili, chips and dips like guacamole. Oh, and maybe football. The snacks served on game day are bold and vibrant, just like the team colors, and the flavors are salty, spicy, and meaty, with a creamy, cheesy layer to smooth them all out. Super Bowl food is comfort food on steroids.

Now when I say Super Bowl beverage, you probably think: beer. Beer’s a natural match, playing against the meat of the chili, the salty heat of the wings, the crunch of chips and dip. Go for it!

But what’s a wine lover to do?

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