Although fitness is a consistent part of my weekly diet, there are a couple foods that are truly my achilles heel; one being ice cream. When that ice cream craving hits, I often seek out a Wendy’s Frosty as it’s pretty hard to beat a frosted malt.  However, my favourite ice cream award goes to Tiger Tail which as per Google, is a Canadian invention.  With that being said, Tiger ice cream is hard to find, most supermarkets do not carry this flavour so I find myself having to go to the second best out there and that is Oreo Max Ice Cream.  This ice cream is loaded with chunks of oreos, mixed with vanilla ice cream and of course the white icy filing found without the oreo cookies.  This ice cream was only launched in 2010 so it’s relatively new but if you’re an ice cream fan, you definitely want to seek this one out.  4.5/5 on the dessert meter, it would be a perfect score if Tiger wasn’t around.

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