McDonalds has a limited edition pie called the Maple Cream – for whatever reason I can’t find it on their website or anywhere online for that matter, I wonder why? perhaps it’s a limited test run at specific locations but either way, this thing needed to be tested. I didn’t plan on buying these things as but as I drove up to the drive-thru to order a McCafe I saw a poster for these Maple Cream Pies, the fact that there was a limited time only label on them sealed the deal. At first glance this thing looks like your regular McDonalds Apple Pie:

Upon further inspection, aka chomping into this thing, you’re greeted with a maple-cream paste – I think that’s the best way to describe it:

The taste is good but the texture is not what I expected – to be honest, I don’t know what I expected but the inside is a gel-like consistency and really doesn’t compared to your standard McApple Pies that you’re used to sinking your teeth into. For that reason, this thing gets a 3/5 on the #foodzilla scale


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