I’m not a huge peperoni stick fan to be honest, mainly due to the grease and fat content.  However, I am thankful that I stumbled upon these power sticks from Freybe as they lack the fat and grease and are packed with protein which equates to a perfect post-workout snack.  These things look like your typical pepperoni stick:

Freybe Gourmet Pepperoni Stick

However, there’s one major difference.  You know when you bite into a regular stick and it’s laced with fat and gristle? Well these things are pure meat and taste ‘lighter’ than your average pepperoni stick:

This explains why these things are packed with protein and taste the way they do – the fat:protein ratio is impressive: 6 grams of fat to 14 grams of protein per stick!  The ingredients are as follows:

Turkey, chicken, water, glucose, spices, salt, mustard seed, sugar, dextrose, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite, canola oil, smoke.

If you’re interested in the Nutrition Facts, take a peek:

The only issue with these things is that they don’t last long – it has only been a couple hours since purchasing these Turkey and Chicken Pepperoni sticks and I’ve put away at least half the package.  It’s sometimes hard to find a protein-heavy snack, especially after a solid workout at the gym.  If you’re tired of whey protein shakes and want to mix it up a bit, definitely give these things a try.  I’m still not a HUGE fan of pepperoni sticks in general so I can’t give these a 5/5 but these are the best by far when it comes to the sticks of pepperoni. 4/5 Foodzillas for that reason!

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