I didn’t even know these things existed until I was in 7-Eleven the other day. I look to the chip aisle and see a glowing bag of these things winking at me. Of course I need to try these, being a fan of all ketchup chip varieties.

Doritos Ketchup CHip

Activate motorboat!

The nice thing about these ketchup chips is that they’re not too salty – some ketchup chip varieties peel a layer off your tongue and cheeks but I’d say Doritos nailed the flavouring when it comes to the ketchup flavour you want. Lays misses the mark but Doritos is bang-on! From a ketchup chip lover, this chip is a must try as you get the Doritos texture/chip you’re used to combined with a healthy layering of tasty Ketchup coating. 5/5 on the Foodzilla chip-meter.

da bomb



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