Have you heard about the sweet treat infiltrating both North and South Korea called Choco Pie? No? well me neither up until a couple hours ago. CNN talks about the choco pie craze:

The first time the South Korean factory owner watched his North Korean employees nibble on a Choco Pie, they appeared shocked — even overwhelmed. He summed up their reaction to the South Korean snack in one word: “Ecstasy.” Much like what Twinkies are to Americans, South Korea’s Choco Pies — two disc-shaped, chocolate-covered cakes, sandwiching a rubbery layer of marshmallow cream — are ubiquitous, cost less than 50 cents and are full of empty calories. But on the other side of the Korean border, the snacks are viewed as exotic, highly prized treats, selling on North Korea’s black markets for as much as $10, according to analysts. Their rising popularity in the north reveals an unexpected common ground between the two Koreas, despite their fractious relationship — a shared sweet tooth.

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