I made first visit to The Charles Bar last week for lunch with a couple friends.  I’ve always wondered what it’s like as I’ve driven and walked past it on numerous occasions.  Most Vancouverites recognize it as it’s located in the Gastown area in a new architecturally-unique building.  Unfortunately on this day it was extremely busy which generally means that’s a good thing from a food perspective.  I decided to order a flatbread called the Luau:

Crushed Tomato, Smoked European Ham, Applewood Cheddar, Diced Pineapple Salsa

Our food took almost 45 minutes to arrive which isn’t really ideal when you’re stepping away from work for a bite.  The food was good, not great, and my major gripe with The Luau flatbread was that the fresh pineapples were just tossed on top with no binder, so every time you picked a piece up, you pretty much lost all your pineapple.  Tasty but frustrating to eat.  I’ve giving this flatbread/pizza a 3.5/5!

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