Yesterday I met up with an old friend for lunch at The Lamp and decided I’d try something new on the menu.  I rolled the dice and went with the half meatball sandwich with yam fries.  My buddy decided to go the with Chicken Waffle Sandwich based on my previous review as it’s one of those things you at least have to try once.  I like the fact that The Lamp has a half-sandwich lunch menu which allows you to have a good sized lunch during the work day without feeling you like chowed down on 10 pounds of food.   I’ll be honest in that the meatball sandwich was nothing special but it was decent:

fraser valley pork & grass fed beef meat balls, fresh tomato sauce, provolone cheese on french bread with a cup of daily soup, side house salad or fries

What made the meal was the yam fries and the chipotle mayo.  The Lamp has probably some of the best yam fries in vancity.  The meatball sandwich on the other hand, for that price, I can get a 6-inch meatball sub from Subway for 2.99.  I’m giving this meal a 3.5/5 and only because the yam fries saved the day.

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