The Lamplighter Public House has to be one of my favourite establishments in Gastown.  It just so happens it’s on the same block as my work, therefore, I probably visit this place at least three times per week.  I’ve tried everything on the menu but I keep coming back to this hangover killer called the Buttermilk Chicken & Waffle Sandwich.  Here’s a description of what this slice of heaven contains:

Buttermilk marinated boneless maple hill farms chicken, butter lettuce, tomato, chipotle mayo on a crispy waffle

Think that sounds good? Try ordering a variation of this by requesting no lettuce/tomato or chipotle mayo and instead substitute good old Canadian maple syrup, now THAT’S a sandwich! My only minor complaint about this sandwich is that it doesn’t have a lot of chicken, sometimes more batter than chicken but it has a nice crispy texture which is nice.  I’m giving this thing a solid 4/5 on the perfect hangover meal as this is definitely not an everyday sandwich!

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