I used to steer clear of Vitamin Water after reading about its 9-teaspoons worth of sugar per bottle up until now…I stumbled upon Vitamin Water 10 – which means only 10 calories per bottle, which means say goodbye to the copious amounts of sugar and hello to the copious amounts of artificial sweetener.  To some, the artificial stuff is actually worse for you, to me, I’ll take the -300 calories per bottle.  Most of the Vitamin Water 10 flavours I’ve tried are actually pretty good and don’t taste like a mouth full of aspartame.  My favourite to date is the recoup (peach mandarin) flavour:

(cue: movie trailer voice guy) in a world of neurotic bosses, in-laws, dying cell phones and agonizing relationship talks, one bottle stands alone.  Naturally sweetened with only 10 calories per bottle and armed with vitamins b3, b5, b6 & b12 this tasty force of hydration can help you cope with whatever life throws your way.  Coming soon to tastebuds near you.

If you’re thirsty and looking to get your vitamins, look for the Vitamin Water 10, you won’t be disappointed! 5/5 on the mid-day drink factor.

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