Now I’m not big on ‘girly-pops’ but I’m big on vodka and testing out different partner fluids with it.  One day I stumbled across these pre-made vodka screwdrivers from Smirnoff, it was a hot summer day so I said what the heck, these look refreshing, let’s give them a try!  I’m glad I did because they are probably the best pre-made drinks I’ve tried.  Why you ask? well for one, and probably the most important thing, they aren’t super sweet and don’t taste like they are full of sugar, this is a huge plus considering most ‘girly-pops’ are essentially a melted popsicle in a bottle with an ounce of vodka mixed in.  These are the exact opposite, the vodka comes through nicely mixed with a natural tasting orange juice, on a hot summer day, as a beer alternative, these are definitely a go-to for me. 5/5 on the ready-to-drink factor, the strong vodka taste, and the lack of sugar and fillers!

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