Who out there loves milkshakes? most of your probably raised your hand as you can’t beat a nice ice-cold milkshake on a hot sunny day.  Most establishments sport a milkshake on their menu, however, not many have mastered the art of the milkshake.  White Spot on the other hand makes THE BEST milkshake out there, yes, the best.  If you’re a chocolate milkshake fan than the is a must have.  If you’ve eaten at White Spot before and ordered this shake, you know what I’m talking about!  The beauty of this thing is that you get two shakes for the price of one; a full glass of milkshake + a full second serving in a metal cup

A chocolate shake paired with a BC Burger is probably one of the better diner-meals you’re going to have.  White Spot even claims that they have the “best shakes in town”:

Nat’s “Best Shakes in Town” Try one if you don’t believe us! Our legendary shakes are hand-scooped & served with a metal malt cup on the side. Your choice of chocolate, vanilla bean, strawberry, butterscotch or blueberry. All made with our new premium rich ice cream.

In terms of milkshake ratings, these shapes take the crown, 5/5 hands down!

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