I’m going to consider a good Protein Powder ‘food’ as it should be a part of any guy’s diet if fitness/weight-training is part of your weekly routine.  Over the years, I’ve tried almost every whey protein blend under the sun.  Half the time these things taste like chalk or require one to hold their breath as they gulp down 30 grams of protein in liquid format. Either it’s poor taste or it runs right through you, hardly something you want to endure on a daily basis.  After all my years of being a guinea pig testing all the protein powders out there, I’ve landed on THE BEST protein powder on the market; ISO XP Whey Protein Isolate.  Personally, I enjoy the strawberry flavour but have tried all flavours and they each get two thumbs up.  If you’re looking for a great recovery drink, snack, or just want to increase your protein intake before bed, I highly recommend tracking down this protein powder.  It is somewhat hard to find but you can get it at any GNC store at least here in Vancouver. 5/5 on the protein shake scale and that’s rare!

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