Everyone these days seems to have a single-cup coffeemaker with the TASSIMO being one of the more popular brewing machines.  This has become one of my favourite tech-gadgets in my house and it gets used a handful of times per day.  Today for whatever reason I was craving a mocha so I decided to become a Barista and put together a blend of TASSIMO flavours to create a homemade mocha.  This blend consists of 3 discs but really two different TASSIMO flavours:

  1. Disc of Cadbury Steamed Milk
  2. Disc of Cadbury Hot Chocolate Syrup
  3. Disc of Nabob Espresso

There you have it – a homemade TASSIMO mocha which actually tastes pretty darn good.  If you’re a TASSIMO owner, make it happen! 4/5 on the mocha scale but pretty tasty for something you can make at home in just a couple minutes.

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