3D printing is the latest technology craze these days and it’s revolutionizing a lot of industries. If you can 3D print a house why not food? Mashable takes a look at some of the companies on the forefront of bringing 3D food to our tables:

Although squeezing out food, layer by layer, from a 3D printer may not yet be particularly efficient — nor sound that tasty — companies are already testing how the Jetsons-esque technology can transform the way we eat. Such old favorites as chocolate, candy, and pasta will take on groovier, sculptured forms when extruded from food printers, and the machines will allow the cooking-adverse to prepare “homemade” ravioli at the push of a button. That should free up more time to watch a tech-fantasy film like Her while the food printer is hard at work preparing dinner. Here’s a look the 3D printing concepts on the menu at a range of companies.

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