On my most recent trip to Chill Winston (one of my favourite Gastown eateries) I decided to split the Jack Poutine with a buddy:

Fries, cheese, Jack Daniels demiglace

I don’t consider myself a poutine expert but I am definitely an amateur connoisseur.  This poutine was simple yet very good, it’s hard to explain.  The portion size was just right, not ridiculously overloaded like some places like to do it.  The fries, to cheese, to sauce ratio was bang on.  I’ve been to some establishments where either the fries are floating in the gravy or there is a lack of cheese.  This perfect appetizer-sized dish was the perfect blend of ingredients, portion size, and taste and I’d definitely have it again.  I’m going to give this poutine 4/5 as I have had better but definitely do give this stuff a try!

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