I was recently introduced to Cazba Restaurant in North Vancouver by one of my Persian friends who states this is the best Persian food restaurant on the North Shore.  So of course I need to check this place out.  Apparently its claim to fame is the high quality beef sourced from a specific farmer in Alberta, now all of this is rumour but it definitely helped in getting me to try this place for the first time.  Here’s a write-up from the About Us section on their website:

At Cazba Restaurant, our goal is to provide high quality Persian Cuisine at affordable prices. We only use fresh vegetable,meat and poultry. We are proud to use the highest quality AAA Alberta Beef for our Kababs. Persian cuisine is healthy, tasteful. and colorful.

Not only is Persian food one of the most delicious cuisines of the world, but also the healthiest. Sumptuous dishes of melt-in-your-mouth meat, tummy-warming savoury stews, and vegetables infused with delicate herbs and flavours mark Persian food as a dining experience unlike any other.

Chelo Kebab like barg, koobideh, joojeh, and sultani features juicy meat, patiently grilled on skewers to perfection. Khoresht such as ghormeh sabzi and gheimeh are stews that treat every mouthful to the hearty goodness of the freshest herbs and vegetables in a meat broth. When served on hot Basmati white rice, the combination makes it an unforgettable meal.

Poultry and fish entrees as well as dishes like soups (ash-e-reshte), quiche (kookoo sabzi), herbed/vegetable rice (loobia pollo, sabzi pollo, zereshk pollo) bring the exotic Persian aromas and visual sensations to your table. Spices like saffron, cinnamon, and parsley add a delicate zest to give a delightful variety. For dessert, try the strong tea and rich pastries that cap the evening with loved ones.

I was a little shocked to step through the front doors into a packed house! The restaurant was overflowing with people and had a steady lineup of people coming to get their pickup orders, always a good sign when a place is screaming busy.  We started things off by ordering some KASHKEH BADEMJOON which is deep fried eggplant server with pita bread.  This stuff has a unique taste but I really liked it, it was light compared to eating humus and definitely a great starter.



Once we finished the delicious eggplant dip we ordered the CHELO KEBAB BARG which is 1 Skewer of AAA Alberta Beef Steak, Served with Basmati Rice (Saffron) and Grilled Tomato.  This is where the wow-factor kicked in because I think the rumours are true about the quality of the beef, I was blown away by how tender and tasty the sliced beef was:



Overall Cazba Restaurant is a great place to eat as it’s filled with friendly people enjoying great food and the company that surrounds them.  I’m glad I was introduced to Cazba and I regret that this introduction didn’t happen sooner.  I’ve since ordered takeout on numerous occasions and it’s hard to beat the price and quality of the food.  The steak is absolutely amazing and you can’t go wrong with sliced steak, Basamati rice, and a roasted tomato!  If you’re looking for top notch Persian food, this is the place to go. A definite 5/5 on the Foodzilla meter.

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