Triple O’s is famous for their burgers and their current Featured Burger is the Peanut Butter Bacon & Jalapeno Burger.  This burger combination was designed for Foodzilla, it’s just the type of thing we love to devour.  The description is pretty straight forward but here are the ingredients:

Our 4 oz. 100% fresh Canadian beef burger with crunchy peanut butter, two bacon slices, jalapeño peppers, mayo, shredded lettuce, and tomato.

I had a tough time trying to wrangle some people that wanted to try this unique burger with me, I had to twist the arm of my friend Simon and was told by another friend Crystal that the only way she would join us is if I would mention her on this blog, there you go!  So let’s get back to the burger:

Triple O's Vancouver Jalapeno Peanut Butter Bacon Burger

Package of goodness

The burger is actually bigger than you expect, it’s definitely a two-handed affair when tackling this gut-grenade.  Of course it’s topped with White Spot’s famous sliced pickles (I could eat a bucket of these things).  Under the wrapped it’s stacked with unique yet mouthwatering ingredients:

Peanut Butter Bacon Jalapeno Burger

The burg in all its glory!

Biting into this thing sets off an explosion of flavours and textures in your mouth.  The one thing that isn’t mentioned is that this isn’t just regular smooth peanut butter, this is crunchy peanut butter with chunks of peanuts – I must say, that was a nice surprise!  The Jalapenos aren’t too spicy either, however, Simon was only able to take 2-bites as it was too spicy for his toddler-like palette.  If you don’t like spicy foods, I still think you can handle this  burger, it isn’t that hot as the mayo and peanut butter do their job of putting out any fires that may arise!

White Spot Jalapeno Peanut Butter Bacon Burger

Don’t you just want to motorboat this thing?

If you’re tired of the same old burger – this is the one for you.  It introduces flavours that you’re not used to having on a burger, or on anything for that matter.  It’s definitely on the ‘heavy’ side so prepare to eat salads and chicken noodle soup for the rest of the day if you want to tackle this puts-hair-on-your-chest burger, but it’s well worth it!  I have had better burgers so I can’t give this thing a 5, but I would definitely order it again so it gets a solid 4.5/5 on the Foodzilla scale:

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