This is the type of meal every guy dreams of; garlic butter toasted baguette, pile on thinly shaved slices of lean roast beef, with a side of gravy juice to dip it in…I just drooled a little as I wrote that sentence.  I came face to face with probably one of the best beef dips I’ve had in my life on a recent business trip in Edmonton.  The past couple of times I’ve stayed at The Coast, I haven’t been that impressed with the food.  So much so that I’ve avoided eating there outside of the breakfast and the stellar coffee they serve.  One night after a day of pounding the pavement meeting with various clients all over Edmonton I was exhausted and decide to cave and order room service.  I considered this rolling the dice on dinner.  Luckily this gamble paid off, the beef dip at The Coast Edmonton Plaza is unreal, it’s about 75% beef and 25% bread and that’s saying a lot because my only gripe with this meal was the size of the loaf of bread, you literally get a 2 foot long baguette with a roasted baby cow inside.  The amount of meat is borderline ridiculous but it contained zero fat, as lean as it could get.  I’d definitely order this again…4/5 only because of the 1000 carbohydrates that are included in this meal.

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