Who isn’t a burger fan? Personally, I like to opt for the chicken burgers on a menu and I’m glad I did last week as I was introduced to probably THE best chicken burger (outside of a BC chicken burger from White Spot) I’ve ever had.   It’s called a ‘Sandwich’ on the menu, but let’s face it, it’s a solid chicken burger.  The Crispy Chicken Sandwich at the Rogue is money, tasty, and crispy x 10.  I mean, for $14 it better be a damn good burger!  Here’s the description:

smoked bacon, aged cheddar, ranch, tomato, sesame brioche bun

I eat at The Rogue a couple times a week and if I’m craving something on delicious side of things that will be the catalyst of a food-induced coma, this is the go to item on the menu.  An easy 5/5 on this epic chicken ‘sandwich’!

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