The new McDona’ds Chicken McBistro sandwiches look pretty appetizing so I decided to roll the dice and try the Swiss Mushroom Melt (grilled) last night, and let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised!  Here’s a breakdown of the sandwich:

Made with 100% seasoned white chicken breast and mouthwatering ingredients like Swiss cheese, sautéed mushrooms, crisp lettuce and a rosemary mayo, served on a soft whole grain bun. One bite will make you melt.

Sounds good doesn’t it? It is! The sandwich itself is a good size and has an impressive fresh/soft bun:

Swiss Mushroom Melt McBistro

Om nom nom?

Biting into this Swiss Mushroom Melt you are presented with a good combination of flavours, the only knock against this burger/sandwich/McBistro is the lettuce – the warm mushrooms wilt this type of lettuce and give it a soggy/rubber like texture which really could be eliminated from this sandwich.  The grilled chicken has a nice seasoning and has a good real chicken-like texture to it:

Chicken McBistro Sandwich


McDonald’s seems to be reinventing itself lately – it’s latest line of burgers and chicken sandwiches have really jumped up a notch in terms of quality.  Obviously still within the fast-food category but  they are definitely innovating when it comes to cheap/quick/fast-food with a good quality feel and taste to it.  Would I order this McBistro again? for sure and there are two other flavours to left to try (BLT and Southwest).  As always, it’s hard to give a 5/5 but if you’re looking for a fast food version of a traditional sit-in type sandwich, this one is for you! 4/5 on the Foodzilla charts.

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