Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending upon how you look at it, I’ve been consuming a lot of McDonald’s lately.  As one to try everything on a fast food menu, I decided to give their new BBQ Angus Third Pounder a taste test.  Let me start off by saying that I was pleasantly surprised by this fast food burger.  First off – this thing is huge, by far the biggest McDonald’s burger I’ve ever held in my hand.  It’s stacked with your usual fixings (pickle, lettuce, tomato, bacon) but what’s different with this one is that there are crispy onion bits:

I’ve always been a Wendy’s or A&W fan when it comes to the fast-food-burg, but as I started to bite into this thing, I was surprised by the overall taste and depth this burg had to offer:

As I made my through this frisbee-size burger, I kept thinking to myself how big of a burger this was coming from McDonald’s – It felt as though I was eating this thing for 30 solid minutes, no joke:

By the end my hunger was satisfied and I would definitely order this thing again.  The only thing I would change on it would be the lettuce, instead of the leaf-lettuce, McDonald’s should have stuck to their signature shredded lettuce, for whatever reason that works really well on any burger.  With all that being said, there are still much better fast-food-burgs out there from Wendy’s and A&W so this good burger gets a 3.5/5 Foodzillas:

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